Misty Morning Ride To Echuca

When I was told to go to Echuca for work stuff, I was like “Yeah, okay!” but then when it was followed by meeting my colleague who would be driving us in front of the office at 5 AM I was like NOT OKAY. But I kept it to myself because it’s work-related.

I had to go no matter what.

On my Echuca trip day, I woke up at 4 AM on a winter morning and reached the front of the hotel where we were supposed to meet much earlier than 5 AM.

I shivered and waited outside while waiting for my colleague who I suspected just woke up from a comfortable and warm hotel room when I texted them to inform I was waiting OUTSIDE. IN THE COLD.

I cursed myself for not layering up. I should have just got the Uniqlo thermal wear instead of waiting for the bargain oz freebie.

Finally, my colleagues came. We got inside the car and started the 3-hour journey in the dark.

I dozed off 30 mins into the road only to be woken up at heat coat town to get coffee and donuts at 8 AM.

I bid the nice town folk goodbye after one of them sticking their tongue out in the sign of puking when I told them I lived in Melbourne.

We passed by a couple more towns in complete misty fog (never seen anything like this before except in the movies). We reach the factory, the one who won some factory awards recently, and left by lunchtime.

David took us to the state border, where Echuca town center is located. We saw the Murray River where people were queuing to take the lunch boat ride. It didn’t look that fancy, even I wasn’t interested, but I guess that one of the famous local attractions.

Looking back, I enjoyed my trip to Echuca.

I loved the main town area which felt like a set of old movies. They were required by the government to keep the buildings and old signs intact and it added the charm of this old town.

Btw, on the way back I fell in love with Kilmore ( yep, that’s the name) a town 50 minutes away from Melbourne. It has a second-hand bookstore, gorgeous countryside houses by the road , Hungry Jack (like Burger King) and it’s crowded enough just as my liking.

It didn’t escape me today, while going to Echuca we were surrounded by mist and coming back from Echuca had been a very sunny ride.

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