Morning Thoughts on First Day at Work

Yesterday was my first day at work in Melbourne and here are the thoughts that run through my mind before I settled into my work for the day. I documented in Evernote to share it share.

06.00 AM- Damn you alarm! Bye!

07.00 AM- I will read this article first before really getting up from bed.

07.40 AM- Welp, that was not only one article. Time to jump into the shower.

08.00 AM- Why didn’t I pack any sweater or scarf or socks or boots??

08.01 AM- Wait, I didn’t own any boots.

08.04 AM- *Found a sweater on the bottom of my luggage* Wheee!! It looked a little tattered, but that’s okay. A well-worn work sweater is a symbol of hard work, right?

08.10 AM- Damn, Melbourne is cold!!

08.11 AM- Cold.

08.12 AM- Cold.

08.13 AM- Sszooo cold.

08.25 AM- Did I just miss my train? Yes, I did.

08.26 AM- Ops, I stood on the wrong platform!

08.28 AM- Missed my train again!!

08.30 AM- Train at last!

08.31 AM  – Whoa morning crowd!! I never rode a packed train in Melbourne before. It is kinda cool and definitely not half as bad as Singapore’s morning crowd.

08.32 AM- This is it, I am officially a Melbourne yuppie.

08.33 AM- Umm, not really, the working ladies looked so fancy with their perfect/messy hair buns, sexy stockings, and 50 shades of gray coats. Me? I am wearing a cropped pants and carrying a flowery bag.

08.34 AM- Hey, where did the biker jacket lady get her coffee?

08.35 AM- Hmmm.. coffee.

08.36 AM- Hmm.. biker jacket.

08.40 AM- Wait, did they say Flinders Station just now?

08.41 AM- Cold

08.42 AM- But first coffee..

08.43 AM- So many coffee stalls to choose from! I will start from the first and work my way to the end every day of the week.

08.44 AM- First stall was a bad choice. This coffee tasted horrible.

08.45 AM-  I am walking to work with a coffee cup in my hand, such a strong female character in American TV shows of me.

08.46 AM- Let me take a picture of this gorgeous morning like these tourists are doing.

08.47 AM- F***! I spilled coffee all over my top! ON MY FIRST DAY OF WORK nonetheless, ^%**@@#$!!!

08.48 AM- I am so not gonna tell Fafa about it.

08.50 AM  – At least I can zip my jacket over it.

09.00 AM- ATM! Should I take some money first?  But I am already running late. But what if there is no ATM in my office building? It would be a bad move to borrow money from my almost strangers colleagues, wouldn’t it?

09.02 AM- Lunch money, it’s.

09.10 AM- Time to take lift selfie and send it to Amma.

09.13 AM- I am here! In the actual office 🙂

09.14 AM- And it’s too hot (and weird) to keep wearing my outer jacket. Do I dare to take it off?

09.16 AM- I do. I am brave.

09.20 AM- “Hi Luiz, I am not late, am I?” I so am, on my first day at work.

And then I realized…

09.21 AM until the end of my first day at work – FFFFF*** we are wearing the exact same clothes! Me and my male boss. A white shirt inside a gray sweater and black trousers. The only difference is his sweater is clean while mine is artfully decorated with a coffee spill.

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