Second Day in Melbourne

I am writing this from sofa in the apartment. Let’s call it a late update of my second day in Melbourne.

Waking up was less harder than the day before which itself felt like a blessing.

Walked to Richmond to have breakfast at something-something. I couldn’t remember the name. I picked the full breakfast from the menu and couldn’t finish it because it’s too much of everything.

Then we went to town again. For some shopping again. I got some activewear from Adidas and two jackets from Zara.

I bought sushi back home from Sushi Hub. They don’t cut the sushi here. You have to bite it like a kebab. I don’t like this concept a bit. I think this ruined the whole beauty of eating sushi with chopstick. Or maybe it’s just me being lazy and refuse to step outside of my comfort zone and adapt. Whatever it’s, bitting on your sushi is never going to be attractive.

Even-though I brought camera, I didn’t take it out from my bag the whole day. I think it’s time to utilise my iPhone optimally.

At home, I cut the flowers I got from Fafa yesterday and put it in the newly bought vase. I also got a Hello Kitty phone case yesterday which was uber kawaii. I hope the people in the office still respect me when they see it.

Hey at least I started my job with a strong personality.

Speaking of work, Che sent me a screenshot of her Lync convo with a colleague which we both never liked. He is quitting. I immediately called her to share some mean evil laughs. We are not good people. at times.

I cleaned the apartment today and cooked (failed) pasta dinner. I guess that means I am fully domesticated?? Hehehe..

My current problems: extremely frizzy hair and extremely chapped lips! Also, I spent half of the money my bank account. I need to control my spending. And I have to remember that shopping doesn’t equal comfort.

My current accomplishment: I wrote two blog posts today. 100 more to go this year.

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