First Day in Melbourne

I couldn’t open my eyes before midday today.

Thankfully Fafa let me slept in. We then went to for lunch at the food court in Emporium. I ordered Indonesian Nasi Goreng from Es Teller 77 and asked to be made extra spicy. They made it incredibly spicy served a huge portion. I could only eat ten spoons washed it off with Teh Kotak.

Next stop was Yo-Art. It’s where you can make a customize frozen self-serve yogurt. It was like in the movie.

I couldn’t contain my excitement.

I chose vanilla yogurt as the base because I am a basic-B. I then added slivered almonds, pieces of strawberries, gummy bears, mini cookies and caramelized muesli mix. Last one was a bad additional, but the rest were absolutely yummy! The whole thing came up to $14. Haiz!

I have to remember that food is not cheap in Australia.

Then I went to T2 Tea. I didn’t plan to get anything, I didn’t even know what the store was selling before I stepped inside it. Oh but I did get things. I bought a box of powdered Matcha, bamboo whisk, a box of Sleep Tight tea bags (update: I have be a loyal fan of this particular tea , a tea tin and a couple of teaspoons. I was converted to a member immediately.

I also went to Zara to find a work-appropriate winter coat. No luck. Also, Zara here was pretty dull.

Lastly, we went to Adidas. I wanted to get a running shoe for the Night Run event on 16th April. All were pretty pricey. I decided to sleep on it.

And with that, we went back to the apartment so I could go back to sleep. This time with a full tummy.

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