Cried at Work Today

I cried at work today. I, with my uncombed hair, PJs pants, and inappropriate for worktop walked out of the office filled teary-eyed. It was the most terrible workday I had in my current job. It was my last day.

This job was supposed to be just a pit stop for me. I  remember going to the interview half-heartedly after almost canceling again it for the third time. I changed my mind quickly after that. Starting from the time I was interviewed by my now ex-manager and the boss. Both of them had completely different approaches and I liked them both immediately.

I told Fafa I am taking the job. “Are you sure you want to take another job? You will be moving out of the country soon“, he said. I said yes and sent the confirmation email to the HR that night.

There were seven ladies in the team taking care of three different functions. I was paired with Che, who is a rather friendly and enthusiastic girl compared to me.

I liked my colleagues from the very beginning, but based on experience and my own personality, I tried to keep my distance. My justification was that I was not one to mix professional with personal life. This attitude didn’t last long. In the past year, over frustrating excel, excessive snacking, and loud noise we built a strong connection. We celebrated Diwali and Christmas together. We wore color-coordinated tops. We went on vacation.

We were known as the team who always has plenty of food on our open desk at any given time. Someone would bring something from their home or someone would yell “let’s order something” by half of the workday. And this happened every single day. We grew fat and failed on many diet attempts together.

I introduced them to my parents (and vice versa) and I wanted to know all about their families. I missed them during the holidays and long weekends. I preferred to go to work on sick days. I even shared about this blog to them, a slice of my world that not many from real life know about.

In short, these seven ladies, who over the years changed to five ladies and three guys, have become more than just colleagues to me, they are my friends. And this job felt nothing like a pit stop, it’s more like a fun school where I went to learn about things that were interesting and valuable for me.

Ever since I told my team that I’ll be moving to another branch, in Melbourne, we have been celebrating my farewells. Yes, it happened on more than one occasion. Bandung trip was supposed to be the farewell weekend. Then there was lunch, drinks, bubble tea, Excellso choco-chips coffee dates, and every other lunch in between then and today. For me, it’s about finding excuses to spend more quality time with them.

I got farewell gifts from them. A clubbing bag (I guess now I have to brave myself to go dancing after 10 PM), a bouquet of flowers my favorite pastel colors. I also got a book from a colleague from another department, it came as a surprise to me, he definitely didn’t need to do it.

I also got the sweetest, most wonderful gift from Che, who put so much effort and made me a card/letterbox which I am looking at now. Geez, looking at it, I am feeling all mushy again now.

‘Thanks for being my second family here’, I texted them while holding back tears inside the building lift. So yeah, I cried at work today. It was my last day.

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