Snoopy Stamps in Singapore

Of the many museums and exhibitions in Singapore, I would say I frequented the Singapore Philatelic Museum the most. I have been there at least a dozen times, usually by myself for half an hour break. The museum’s pretty small. Last week, while roaming around the hotel’s neighborhood, I found myself standing in front of it and decided to check out the Snoopy exhibition that was going on.

Half of the downstairs floor was filled with a Snoopy and Charlie Brown stamp collection.

I have very little knowledge about Snoopy and his gang since here in Indonesia we didn’t grow up watching Snoopy, or at least not in my era; it was more Doraemon and Power Rangers. But I am guessing Snoopy has a close relationship with the postal service since I remember seeing Snoopy sitting on top of the red mailbox (upper right stamp) countless times. Am I right?

And some more, to dedicate a character as a stamp collector?! There must be some collection with it. Btw, I love the idea of giving kids cartoon characters meaningful hobbies. It adds depth to their personality. Something that the young watchers could follow. It’s also a pitiful reminder of how mind-numbingly dumb some cartoons are these days. Salute to Violet Grey.

Their biggest collection would be the Christmas edition. Maybe it has to do with Christmas card postage? I don’t know, just another guess. The museum also sold adorable Christmas edition Snoopy stamps to celebrate the 65 years of Peanuts comic strips. I wanted to get it, but decided against the $25 tag to it, after all, it’s not Mickey Mouse or Harry Potter.

Even though they were not famous in Indonesia, it looks like the gang has been widely loved in Japan and Hongkong for many years. There were at least a hundred different Snoopy and Charlie Brown stamps representing this side of the world.

Apparently, there is a Snoopy and Charlie Brown movie coming out soon and it’s a part of the marketing. But it doesn’t matter to you guys. If you are in Singapore from now until the 30th of April 2016, do stop by the museum. You will have a great time looking through the extensive collection of Snoopy stamps.

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