January 2016

Many things happened in January, I celebrated new year in Sydney, had a heart-to-heart with Jik, passed IELTS, took and passed the Law exam (answered a few questions purely based on the information I retained from watching Law & Order: SVU marathon), signed a contract, went and half succeeded on diet, laughed every day, wrote 2016 goals, bought passion planner together with Che, watched first episode of the new The X-Files together with the whole world *I presumed* and discovered new blogs I like.


Speaking of the blogs I have recently liked, check out: Adventures Around Asia, whose niche is China and Friends in Ramen, whose niche is, yes, you have guessed it correctly, Ramen in Osaka. You guys, I take back when I said I don’t care about the niche of this blog. I want a niche. A niche is fun and focus; it’s an aim, a compass and can be the objective of me keep writing on the blog. That being said, I stand by my decision to not to keep an on-shelf travel blog.

What’s my niche? I am still unsure, but I will keep writing and experimenting until I figure it out. Stay with me will you?

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