Christmas Week

I have been soaking in the festive mood and feeling extra joyous because of it, so much so that I have started to burn all my fancy special occasion candles for real.

I don’t feel lonely nor lost anymore. I feel umm.. hanging. I have been waiting for good news to come into realization.

Only today, I got the time to buy Christmas cards and gifts, including one for my Secret Santa person at work. I have yet to write and send the cards (is it too late already? Should I just text everyone and be make up for it next year?), I haven’t bought gifts for the boys in my life. I haven’t set my travel itinerary yet, nor have I packed. Looking at the long list of the to-do lists I have before Christmas, I feel like I am in desperate need of additional days or energy to be able to tick off all of it.

I also bought a bunch of stuff, justifying it as Christmas gifts to myself, including Swatch 2014 Holiday Twist (finally, after twisting and turning everywhere for it), Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! and’s 2015 planner. So that’s it, my last and this year’s a week before Christmas.

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