November 2015

It has been an eventful month, there were birthdays, beach trip, fishes and flu going around the whole office, but the best part of it was getting my mojo back.

I had been feeling, how shall I put it, not 100% of myself? Or not my happy self for months. There were valid reasons and silly reasons for it, I am not going to deep dive into; the point is I woke up on a gloomy Sunday, feeling superb!, people, and I hope it stays.

Though I have mentioned before, let me announce it one more time: the blog has a new design! I am so happy about it because, in a way, it truly represents me. Have you seen it? If not, please hop over and let me know your thoughts.

Che once advised me to get a new set of undies whenever I feel stressed out. It has helped her navigate through life’s difficulties, she said. So one fine day, I went to La Senza (also based on her recommendation) and got a new pair. Unfortunately, my stress level didn’t decrease. That’s when I realized bra for her = PJs for me. I guess it’s a symbolic promise to myself of a much better and relaxed time is coming soon. What’s your under pressure buy?

Cold Fusion has been my new preferred flavour drink, but only for a short period because Toffee Nut Latte came back a week ago, and it has been red cups every day ever since.

Well, that’s a lot of random thoughts for a month. Now that we are entering December, I am starting to feel festive.

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