Five Minutes of Daily Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving you guys! Today I want to talk about something that fits the day of thanks: gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal.

Have you heard of the Five Minutes Journal? It’s a daily gratitude journal with quotes and questions which you can fill in twice a day. The questions are the same: what are you grateful for, what would make today awesome, and, in the evening, what are the most amazing things that happened that day. It also comes with a weekly challenge.

I read about it a few years ago on another blog and felt like my ungrateful ass would benefit from the gratitude journal, so I ordered one for me. My first entry was on March 14 and I wrote that I am grateful for my parents. 110 nonconsecutive days later, I finished the journal. My last thought about the gratitude journal? Gosh, I should have written more regularly. It really helps. I wouldn’t say it helps all the time, especially not in the times when I rushed through it, but it made a noticeable difference in my life. So much so that I ordered the second journal. Maybe one day I will share it with my kids, though I am not sure whether they would want to read I am grateful for PJs for 78 times.

Today, I reread my old entries in the gratitude journal.

Some of the things I am grateful for which I put in my gratitude journal:

Steak // ATM filled with money (?) // Free dinner // My dad’s smile // Westin hotel bed // Kindle // Cheese & Cider // Harry Potter iPhone case // Indian dessert // Free rides // Disney pens // KOI bubble milk tea’s bubble stock is back // Attracting free Starbucks with my mind // my blog readers // Thai fried fish // My purple bag which I have been using all the time for the past two years // Reading old diary // My farewell lunch // An unplanned White Rabbit restaurant // Waking up in New Zealand // Instax // Come Dine With Me // Being appreciated // Mickey shoes // glittery photo frame // Sweater // Stickers // Go-Jek // Melbourne // Getting my visa approved // My friends’ birthdays // Podcasts (it started with Serial and now continues to faith based one) // Apple watch // Being tucked in // Treat Yo Self! Day.

Recurring ones in the gratitude journal:

Fafa // My parents // My job (which was quite surprising since I had to drag myself to work on my last job, but apparently I was still feeling grateful, which maybe is why I got the job I truly love now) // Travels  // Bubble Tea // My hair // Rainy Days // PJs // Compliments // People kindness // and Kulture Kween, the blog and the persona.

I should write about this type of happy things more in the blog. #gr8tful.

How about you? Do you keep a gratitude journal of some sort? Share with me your way to stay positive and grateful.

Once more, Happy Thanksgiving you guys. I am thankful that you read this blog, that you keep coming back, and that we get to know each other through it. Have a blessed day everyone.

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