I Celebrate My Birthdays

After a series of shitty birthdays in the past, I decided to take another route, to really celebrate it myself with little expectations of others. Starting from 2009 when I flew back home just to celebrate my birthday.

After that, I started to take a day off on my birthdays and do whatever my heart pleased, usually by going to the bookstore, treating myself to bubble tea, and the most authentic local Indonesian food wherever I was, TV marathons until the early morning or take a nap.

I also started to give myself a birthday gift, sometimes two. There was always a celebratory cake and balloons as I have long stopped having birthday celebrations that “fit” my age.

Lastly, something I learned from my parents, to share a little fortune with others, through donations, care packages, or anything on my birthdays. It always makes my birthdays feel ten times better.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate“.

— Oprah.

We should ALWAYS celebrate our own birthdays in our own way!

By doing things, eating food we like, and keeping only a small expectation from outside factors, if any; after all, it’s your day, not others. 

That said, in the past few years, I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate it with the people I love the most, over dinner with sweetly written wishes and cat stuff gifts involved. Thank you, guys!

And if I am to wish about all my future birthdays, I wish all of it are filled with cultural travel experiences.

2 thoughts on “I Celebrate My Birthdays

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