Blogger Date With Rima of A Fork and A Map

Last Sunday, I met my blogger friend, Rima of A Fork, and A Map.

I knew Rima for a couple of years now. Last year, we had the pleasure to meet and hang out for the first time in Zurich. This time I met her here in Jakarta, she is visiting the city with her mom.

We planned a lunch date and ended up spending the whole afternoon and evening together. We had lunch at Dapur Babah, coffee at Tanamera coffee shop (not as good as the hype), and Christmas shopping at Grand Indonesia.

The many hours spent discovering that we have more than a few similarities like books, bookstores (especially Borders, RIP Borders.), the TV show Man v. Food, Downton Abbey, and Japan; other than food and travel, of course. We both dream of owning a coffee shop; hers with homemade pastries, mine comes with a library. And we both claimed that we are still considered Millennials.

She also introduced me to lots of new stuff like Midori Traveler’s notebook, Korean rose petal face stick, an Indonesian book called the 90s generation, and Tinder. Wait, she didn’t introduce me to Tinder, but she answered some of my burning questions about the dating-sexing app. On top of it all, she got me a Harry Potter coloring book. *heart-eye emoji* x1000.

Meanwhile, I introduced her to Japanese pasta and complained about Amazon. That’s it. That’s all I did on my part. Well, I also took a picture of her with a cup of red velvet latte, which turned out to be the most successful photo I have ever taken with the new camera.

We separated our ways after promising each other that we will meet up for another annual date next year. Hopefully in Japan, during Sakura season ya, Ma?

Though our lives are a thousand miles apart, both literally and figuratively. I cherish our friendship. And I have the blogosphere to thank for meeting a fellow stationery junkie.

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