Zurich Travel List

Found an old crumpled note inside my jacket pocket.

Zurich (Cheese*)

  • Travel via train and boats
  • Zurich main train station
  • Old Town
  • Uetliberg
  • Fraumünster and Grossmunster church
  • Chocolate at Sprungli
  • Beyer watch museum
  • Walk up to Lindenhof
  • Coffee at Cafe Schober the oldest coffeehouse in Zurich
  • Zeughauskeller beer hall
  • Cheese and meat fondue is a must at Swiss Chuchi at the heart of Niederdorfin the old city
  • Eat Raclette, Rosti, traditional Swiss breakfast and Zürcher Geschnetzeltes

I am pretty sure most of it is a rip-off of someone else’s travel checklist. Unfortunately, I don’t remember whose.

Also, rereading it made me realize that I didn’t do must of it.

Double also, why would I include a watch museum. It seems so freaking boring.

I do regret not visiting Cafe Schober. I imagine it would be an amazing experience. Damn!

* Past me, why would you put “Cheese” as the title of your travel list. Especially since you have eaten cheese only a handful of times back then.

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