Kingdom Of Liechtenstein

Once upon a time, there was a tiny cat living with a not so tiny woman in a tiny bedroom. He spent his days happily with her. They read, played, and did house chores together. There were times he was left alone when she had to search for food for the both of them, and he didn’t mind because he knew she would always come back to him.

His favorite memories together were the times they spent on the road, exploring the world and taking pictures in front of weird looking buildings.

One day, the girl took him somewhere far away. It was the farthest he had ever been, farther than his birth place,Japan.

Not that he minded, if anything he was too excited. Except for that one time when he met the girl’s friend, who tried to kill him as instructed by the queen Jik. Gasp!! At the end, the murder attempt failed, and all was forgiven. To make up for that drama, the girl promised to take him to a nearby kingdom. Meow! That’s happy news, as he had been only to one kingdom before, Cambodia, and he loved it. One fine morning, as promised, the girl packed him in her backpack and went in search of the said kingdom.

They took a four-wheel cart, shared with a Russian (здравствуйте Sergey), an American, and an Indian couple. They greeted each other and started to cover every possible topic of small talk. Miaw couldn’t be bothered, he was too busy mesmerized by the beauty of their surroundings. The landscape and the greenery, it was something he had never experienced before. It was almost magical, fit for a kingdom. The Kingdom of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is surrounded by both Switzerland and Austria. The richest kingdom in the world, it’s also known for its wine and postage stamps.

On that day, Miaw also made a new friend, a moose named Moosey (is this the correct spelling Nikki?) Moosey is a sweet little thing who accompanied Nikki, a fellow globetrotter. Everyone was surprised when they decided to take pictures together. Well, Moosey seemed to be all ready from the beginning, but Miaw was an introvert type who usually doesn’t take pictures together with his peers, so he must really have been taken by Moosey. They posed together on the Liechtenstein castle miniature.

Looking at the castle from below, Miaw and Moosey had a discussion about how it would be to live inside it.

Miaw imagined what it would be like to be the King’s cat or Cat King or at least the kingdom’s mascot. His imagination didn’t last long: even though he kept getting murder threats and constantly being stuffed into the bag, in his heart he preferred to live with the weird girl. They always had a great time together, and he knew she would be lost without him. He told Moosey he wouldn’t have it any other way. If it got too lonely, he would ask the girl to buy real cats, but only if they could understand that he would be the king in the household.

Before they went back home, they each chose a souvenir. He chose another fridge magnet to add to travel fridgemagnet collection. The girl got the kingdom’s stamps. She also got her passport officially stamped. “This way my souvenir will last longer than yours” she told him. “Yeah, if only you didn’t accidentally wash it again like the last time, ” he replied back, but only in his mind.

That was it.

He had enough excitement for one day, so he went back inside her bag. And they lived happily ever after while plotting plans to visit another kingdom and maybe meet more Moosies on the road.

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