Zurich Switzerland


We are in Zurich, Switzerland! We reached the city earlier today. Zurich is much more complex and much much more expensive than I expected. We checked into our lovely Zurich Airbnb in the suburb. It’s on the third floor of a low rise apartment. We will be sharing the space with the owner, a friendly Swiss lady who seems to be well-traveled.

All freshen up, we took train back to the city to roam around and have dinner.

Zurich Switzerland
Zurich Switzerland

Being Asian, we settled for Thai food at Ban Song Thai. The Thai restaurant was decorated with Chinese painting and they also served sake. All were a bit too confusing, all were a lot too expensive. Thankfully the food was good and the alcohol helped. Happy, full and poor, we went back to the Airbnb for an early night.

So far, a less than a day impression of Zurich has been a lovely city, just not a place I’d want to come back. It looks way too similar with other European cities, just more ━ much more ━ expensive.

Zurich Switzerland
Zurich Switzerland
Zurich Switzerland

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