Brussels Travel List

  • Grand Palace
  • Drink Godiva hot chocolate
  • eat frits and waffle at Fritland/frit flagey order Fritland spicy sauce/local pickle sauce
  • Tin Tin street art
  • Juplier/vedett beer
  • Chocolate shop la cure gourmande/Leonidas
  • Eat at Arcadi cafe and ice cream at Capoue
  • Moeder Lambic top 10 bar in the world
  • Manneken pis/jeannenke/zinneken pis
  • Notre dame du sablon (gotchin curch)
  • Le sablon (market) 9-1PM Sunday
  • and eat at Le Perroquet
  • Belgian Waffles
  • Central station and side by side curches
  • Cafe Belga
  • FIn de siecle best Belgian restaurant
  • Place du jue de balle Flea market
  • Statue of Everardt serclaes for wish granting
  • the aroma cafe shop
  • Le mont dos art (during sunset)
  • Peirre Ledent’s macaroons

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