Singapore Panda Stamps

A couple of months ago Singapore received two pandas as a gift from China to inhabit the river safari, Kai Kai and Jia Jia. It seems like the entire country is in love with them, except for me. I don’t feel anything about these pandas, or maybe pandas in general, not that I have seen a panda before.

I also don’t see the gaga-ness over these pandas is going to end anytime soon, since almost all the places I regularly visit, including stores and coffee shops, have some panda related stuff being displayed. Fortunately for me, it didn’t mean anything, because as I said earlier, I feel indifferent towards them. But that’s before I found out that they issued stamps in their honor. I bought these stamps from the Singapore Post Office near my office. They are also selling the panda-themed pre-stamped envelopes (below) which looked much cuter than these stamps, but I didn’t get it as I don’t want to branch out and overwhelm myself with all the postal stuff, for now.

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