Singapore Festivals Stamps

Again, another failed attempt to get Singapore annual festivals stamp collection, I tried to get it everywhere but it’s not available *sad face*. Instead, I settled down for this rare Singapore 1985 festival stamp collection instead. Hopefully, I could get it in the near future. Or maybe I should just wait for the next year’s.

Meanwhile, I have been looking for Singapore wedding costume stamps for some time now, unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. I decided to settle for this period bridal costume stamps instead. It’s issued in 1976, which was 32 years ago people! The Indian bridal costume stood the test of time. I wonder how much did the other ones change if at all.

Do you know that every year Singapore issues their annual festivals stamp collection?

This was my latest (and probably last stamps) collection from Singapore, I got it in my last week in Singapore.  Designed by Leo Teck Chong, who did a very cute job indeed.

It’s the fourth (I think) mixed annual festival stamp collection I collected in Singapore. The first one was in 2008, 2012 and another one which I couldn’t remember for which year. I am a sucker for the potluck culture theme. Done colorfully? It belongs to my stamp-book-less collection.

My most favorite ones from this collection were the last two on the bottom right side, an Indian girl holding the dive, and a Chinese girl as the Christmas stocking stuffer. 

Does your country have issue festival themed stamp?

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