Meals in Emirates – Asia to Europe

Hi, you guys, I am bringing to you another installment of Inflight Dining, where I take pictures of the things I eat 40,000 feet up in the air and share it with you for no good reason. Still, I hope you enjoy it!

This was the airline dining on my cousin’s tray.

We had to sit separately because we changed our flight schedule at the last minute to accommodate another family member who ended up not traveling.

While I was stuck in between two middle-aged uncles (why do I attract uncles? Why can’t Bradley Cooper gets an epiphany to live a normal life and decides to fly commercial and seat in economy class?), she was having a quality time with that bottle of wine.

I could have asked for one, but I was too scared, too jumpy, and too busy praying to God to keep the plane safe and let us live at least until we are done vacationing.

Putting my irrational fear of flying aside, this was the best plane I have ever taken. It has WiFi and PowerPoint.

We are living in a privileged life, let’s never forget that.

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