Europe Bound

Early this year, I and my cousins met up to celebrate a family wedding in India. At night we hung out by the hotel pool not getting drunk, as our parents were there as well.

Bored, we discuss future travels, and the idea, to travel together, popped up. Why not? It would be fun since we are close and genuinely like each other company. After promising each other that we wouldn’t back off at the last minute and would save our way to it, we went our separate ways.

Six months, many Facetime and easily approved visa later, we are on our way to Europe now. Well, not exactly now, but tonight, so it’s practically now compared to six months ago or three years ago. You see, three years ago today I visited Amsterdam for the first time. I have fallen deeply into it within a short period of time. I knew I would come again. Someday. I never expected that someday is going to happen very soon.

We will be traveling to a few cities in Western Europe and stay in peoples’ houses. I mean Airbnb, which is cheaper than the hotels. There are bookings with EasyJet and some train rides in the itinerary. To say I am uber excited would be downplaying it.

I will try to live blog as usual, but since I have sold my iPad to fund this Europe trip, I will be using my phone so it might be a little messy. I am off to pack, buy shoes (New Zealand trip earlier this year killed the old shoes) and stock up on instant noodles and paper panties (yes, I am not above that).

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