Full-Time Traveler, Part-Time Blogger

I have happy news to share with you, but first a background story: a while ago, someone asked me on Instagram, how could I afford to be a full-time traveler. It was a well-meaning question, triggered by my bio: Full-Time Traveler, Part-Time Blogger. The uncool thing is, though I would love to, I couldn’t. That bio was just a tiny part of myself, a summary of what I love to do, which is to travel all the time and write about it sometimes. But it’s not necessarily what I do. I only know a handful of bloggers who travel all the time, unfortunately, I am not one of them. I work as an accountant to afford travel. Yeah, I am the textbook cliche of the travel-loving cubicle warrior.

Btw, I also have been thinking to add a little more of me in my writing. Prepare yourself for travel tales sprinkled with personal thoughts and personal stuff with a dash of quirkiness. Okay, I am not so sure where I am going with this recipe-like-sentence. My point is I have dreams about this blog, mainly so that Mindy Kaling gets to know about it and adopt me as her best friend or cousin or neighbor. From now, for now, I will start with a three months editorial calendar and follow it.

Now, the happy news: after taking a gap period I am going back to the workforce this month! I will officially be an Indonesia ex-pat. I plan to live-tweet my first day working, but let’s see, it depends on the battlefield.

For now, let me share an Instagram roundup, which is a totally unrelated thing, but fun to above is the latest collection in my account. I use Instagram mostly to showcase the pictures I take while traveling with occasional feet and coffee cups on hand pictures thrown inside. The main reason I use it to engage more with like-minded people and bloggers. How about you, what do you use Instagram for?

Last month, I had the honor to take over the #GirlGoneInternational, the global community of globe-trotting and expat ladies, an official Instagram account for a week. I posted a total of 16 pictures, had a lovely time “hanging out” there, and ended up following many travelers whose accounts made my eyes green with envy.

Wish me luck and bye for now. I am off to self-high five-ing myself in the mirror.

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