The Rise Of Communal Working Culture In Singapore

Hi you, the one in front of your laptop, have you ever felt like packing your laptop bag and going to someplace new sometimes?

Maybe it’s the writer’s block, PMS or boredom; whatever it is, you can’t be in your usual “workspace” for now. For me, it has happened many times. I’d be staring at a blank page for a long time or grunting at my friends’ Facebook timeline for hours. I’d have nothing done. If I catch these symptoms before going completely down the rabbit hole for the day, like binge-watching on YouTube, I usually go to the neighbourhood coffee shop. Sometimes I continue my work, sometimes I read for pleasure, other times I people watch. It’s better than sitting at home feeling useless. It has been the neighbourhood Starbucks for a long while, but on my last month in Singapore, I popped into Coffeemin Singapore a lot more than I’d like to admit.

Coffeemin Singapore is a business that rents out its cafe-like space for the public. Living in Singapore, we were forever lack of space to hang out. Living as an expat was even worse. Since I was renting a place, there were lots of tenant restrictions. Of my years living in Singapore, I can count with fingers how many times I have thrown a party and invited my friends to my place.

This problem usually would be resolved by appointing the nearest coffee shop to meet friends. Now, instead of getting a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, nonfat, Caramel Macchiato for $6, we could go to Coffeemin and do our stuff. We could play billiards, use the computers, compete in video games or work on our laptop (wifi and charging port available). It’s ridiculously cozy with extra helpful staffs.

The last time I went to Coffeemin Singapore when I was waiting for Fafa to finish his workday. It was my last birthday in Singapore, and I spent the afternoon alone here, playing video games and getting high on Milo.

Wait, don’t feel sorry for me, I was perfectly entertained, wouldn’t want it to be any other way. The best part is they also provide hot beverages and some light snacks for free! All this for $6? Goodbye, regular coffee shop!

I wonder whether they have a similar concept cafe in Indonesia? If not, it could be a feasible business model. Hmm, now I need to find someone with overflowing Rupiah and propose this idea to them.

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