August 2014

Now that I am not working, no longer looking at the time to change to 5.58 PM, my days fly faster than ever, so is the numbers in my saving account. Eeep!

I have big news to share; I am leaving Singapore next week and moving, temporarily, back to Indonesia. I have some loose ends left back home, which I left hanging for years, to tie before continue living as a nomad.

The decision didn’t come easily and to be honest, I am not looking forward to it. Except for the part of spending quality time with my parents and appreciate them more since I am coming back with a wee bit more wisdom in my bone (I hope).

Also, I am so going to miss my friends, the food, the MRT and so many other things here. But, I am not going to dwell on the sappy stuff now as I determined to savor my last week here. This month I quit my job, traveled to New Zealand, had a best-friendship day with Jik, wrote Hong Kong itinerary, visited the cat cafe, and celebrated another blogiversary. Yes, it has been a fantastic month.

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