Wellington is Boring

Okay, I will just go ahead and say it, Wellington is boring.

We took Kiwi Rail from Auckland and were there for a few nights. Unfortunately, Wellington and I didn’t click at all. I was going crazy out of boredom and ready to take off from there on the second day itself. But we couldn’t because we had booked the hotel and there was no way I could spare the extra cash from my last paycheque to change the planned itinerary. So we tried to make the most of it, well Fafa tried to make us enjoy as much as we could. Me? I was sulking almost all the time. I credit any amount of good time we had there to him.

We stayed near Cuba Street where the fun resides. We spent those days walking up and down the street countless times. It was exciting in the beginning but soon turned to be mind-numbing.

Cuba Street bucket fountain. It was the quirkiest landmark I saw in Wellington. Did we do it wrong? Like maybe we missed a huge part of the town?

One thing that was interesting about Wellington was the copious amount of coffee shops. Unfortunately, not every place served a decent coffee. I had to throw the almost full cup from here because it tasted terrible.

Before you think that I was being a traveling princess in Wellington, here’s something I like. This brownstone building. I always fantasize about living in a building like this ala Sex and The City.

A highlight of our trip, I met Stewie Griffin, looking pissed as always. Wellington has a few comic stores and I almost bought Homer Simpsons Buddha from one of them. Almost.

And I am going to make taking pictures in front of a wharf my travel thing.

Well, now I feel like a whiny bitch complaining about Wellington on a beautiful day like this. We could see the snow on the tip of the mountains! It was even more gorgeous in person. This was definitely one of my most favorite pictures of Wellington along with the bucket of crabs I polished off that day.

But it was counter parted by the most ridiculous cable car ride ever, one of the highly rated tourist attractions in Wellington. I LOVE train (cable car) rides and I was really looking forward to riding on it. We walked from Cuba Street to the entrance and paid NZD$7 each for the shortest and uneventful ride ever. Nope, not cool Wellington. Not cool at all.

My apology for the stupid pose you guys. At least the Botanical Garden was nice, but that’s it. I begged Fafa to head back to Auckland soon after. I have had enough “fun” in Wellington for a lifetime.

If you ask me whether to put Wellington on your New Zealand list, I say skip it and visit Queenstown instead. Unless you are a hardcore foodie because Wellington food really was above average. Have you traveled to a place where you end up disliking?

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