It’s 5 PM Somewhere Wine at Imperial Lane

We found Imperial Lane by mistake. It was a late-night (late night in Auckland means 8 PM), and we heard music coming from a dark alley. When we approached it, there were a few groups of people sitting in a dimly lit garage. Mafias meet-up place in New Zealand? Naaah, it couldn’t be. We got closer, and we saw a stall and coffee machines. Also, there was a B&W movie screen on the wall. It was a bar. We ordered our drinks of choice and stayed up the whole night. The next day we walked past that area again, we saw the board (above pic). Fafa was intrigued by the best coffee in Auckland, while I ordered a generous glass of wine because it’s 5 PM somewhere, no?

Ps. Don’t put too much emphasis on online reviewers. We spent a good hour to find cafe Melba in between small lanes on Victoria Street. The waitress was nice (as reviewed), but I didn’t see the “it” factor of this place. It’s just a regular joe type coffee shop serving regular coffee in Auckland. We should have gone to Moustache for the fourth time instead.

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