Annual Blogging Break

I am taking an annual blogging break. Annual, because I took a break last April, and calling it annual makes it sound more official and adds the self-importance feel to it. But unlike last April when I blamed it on lack of preparation or the time before that when I felt burned out, this time we have urgent things that need to be taken care of to smoothen the future, including the annual spring cleaning (again, adding the word annual to make it seem official), catching up with GGP Project with my BFF, a possible career move, and making new local friends, which requires us to hang out at a watering hole after hours instead of playing catch up with this blog.

I am not complaining, on the contrary, I think the blogging break will be a good thing, a pit stop to take a rest and prepare ourselves better. We promise to come back with full commitment and more stories to share. Meanwhile, I will still tweet unfettered thoughts and post delicious Asian food pictures on Instagram, do follow, and share the crazy train.

One thought on “Annual Blogging Break

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