I wanted to apply for my visa but I have been crunching numbers twelve, sometimes fourteen hours straight every day at work, hence I haven’t done it.

I maxed out my inner calmness to the point of calling Fafa in the middle of one night to allege him of holding onto my passport because I couldn’t find it at my place. So yeah, I didn’t have the time or energy or sanity to prepare the documents for visa application after working with endless excel sheets, BUT yesterday I managed to squeeze in an hour of Boys Before Flower.

It is a famous Korean drama series, which was shot on Jeju Island. It’s about teenagers’ high school life, except here, almost everyone is filthy rich, the high school canteen looks like a five-star restaurant and the female students scream whenever the four pretty boys walk into the room.

I watched two episodes and I plan to continue, meanwhile I booked a haircut schedule once I get my salary. I am getting Jan Di’s cut. I wonder is it still trending in Korea?

Ciao, my excel sheet is calling. Let’s excel (pun intended).

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