Work, Amma and Upcoming Trip

Weeks after weeks of hectic work, resulting in me in feeling burned out.

But I can’t do anything about it for now as work will only get busier next week, the monthly reporting period. I also squeeze in two weeks worth of tasks in between as I leave for Korea next weekend.

Speaking of the trip, I haven’t packed at all — because I don’t have anything to pack. 

I don’t have winter clothes. I thought that my only coat, which looks very similar to Sherlock Holmes’, was enough. But recently, the girls set me straight; I wouldn’t be able to walk around in single-digit weather wearing it, they said. A puffy winter coat, earmuffs and padded boots; all are on my shopping list, and I only have today to get it all. I am hitting Uniqlo later. 

Also, I haven’t pencilled down the trip itinerary yet. I wrote on the post-its and bookmarked here and there the places I want to visit, but I haven’t created my usual itinerary chart, which made me feel unprepared. I plan to do it tomorrow during lunchtime at work. 

Lastly, Amma is here. She saw a cheap return flight deal and decided to make a visit, which is good. Great actually, because it means home-cooked meals, a warm cup of tea in the evening (brewed in her way which, however much I tried I couldn’t master it), and other motherly love. I am spending to spend what’s left of my free time with her. Going out for coffee, chatting until we fall asleep and bugging her with questions like “Which characters of dad I resemble?” Her answer, “None, you are like me“, “What family gossips did I miss?“; “I will fill you up during lunch“,, she said. We went for lunch yesterday, and she did. Some were saucy; a few were pathetic but mostly amusing. 

With all these things going on, I will be on hiatus for a short time on this blog, so I can get on the last minutes’ preparation for the trip, spend some quality time with my mommy, and try to work as much as I could and submit the quarterly report before the trip.

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