Friday, Saturday and Sunday

On Friday we went to the Working Title in Arab Street. I felt a little bit weird sitting down at the place I have reviewed before. A place which I described with words. Mentioning the fresh flower on the table, and other little quirky details.

On Saturday I woke up to the beauty of greenery. it’s seriously nice to wake up to this. Then went to do mani-pedi in Orchard. Yellow this time. Hello, sunshine!!  Bakmi for lunch. Bakmi. every time I am eating it I got reminded of that time in 2007 when I craved so badly for it that I almost bought a ticket to Jakarta. We then went to the supermarket. I wanted to do something for my snail mail November buddy. OMG, I am one month late! I also have to send Christmas ornaments, Xmas card! We had mallu dinner at the Spice Junction in Little India and came home by 9 PM on a Saturday night but yeah. I am taking any extra time for resting. 

On Sunday, I spent the whole day at Vi’s. We baked cheesecake and Christmas cookies. Drink wine. Smoke sheesa and discussed our Korea itinerary.

The more I researched the more I couldn’t find much to do in Jeju. I am a  tiny teeny tiny bit worried. A blogger that I have been following emailed to ask questions about Bali and a hostel in Singapore contacted me to sponsor a blog post.  It feels good at least a couple of strangers are reading my blog.

I am going to eat a cupcake and get ready to sleep now.

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