Quick Hi from Bali

Selamat Sore from Bali!

Even though I have visited Bali like a hundred six times, I am still entranced by it! Especially for its food and topography (Look at me all fancy, using the word I learned from, and used only, at school). Bali has the bluest sea on one side, and luscious greenery on the other side.

Last week, I shared with you that I want to do something different in Bali, something I have never done before there. I did brief research; by brief, I mean five minutes and decided to take a cooking class. I even managed to drag Fafa with me. I will keep the elaborate story for next time; for now, let’s just say it was a success since we ate what we cooked and I am still here typing to you.

Okay, you guys I have to go now, time for dinner and I’m thinking Nasi Campur at Warung Made.

One thought on “Quick Hi from Bali

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