Open Letter to My Office Building Starbucks

Dear Concourse First Floor Starbucks,

You make a difference in my life.

Every morning I rush into my office building and be greeted by the smell of the brewing Starbucks coffee. How did you find out that coffee smell makes people happy? My face brightens up, my mind shifts, from running through work tasks to do in the morning to “umm.. coffee”. And my mood gets elevated and stays like that minutes ahead.

Today I saw you come up with a summer drink. Something caramel with a hot air balloon picture in it. I like balloons, not so much for anything caramelized. I took the plunge and ordered it anyway, because why not? It’s summer!

Oh dear Starbucks, do you know that not long ago I kinda hated you?

I thought you were too expensive and too pretentious. “Too sweet for my taste“, that’s how I would refuse to visit you. All that was before Fafa reintroduced us by dragging me to meet you every weekend.

Now, though, Starbucks?!

Well, you are still expensive! Let’s get that straight, but you became my luxury. I buy you occasionally and if it means cutting my budget thirty bucks a month somewhere else, I’m willing to do that, happily.

At times I run into you with my hair tied into a knot and super grumpy face. I mean grumpier than in the mornings because, well, I’m having a bad day at work. And you greet me with “Good afternoon, mam“.

I don’t particularly like being called mam, but it sounds better than the whining that happens 30 floors up. And you always managed to make me feel calmer with that Grande Frappuccino of yours.

Let’s not forget rainy days, when nothing could bring my mood down and I’m having a swell time at work and decide that I should celebrate it with a toffee nut latte. It’s like a blanket. A warm, happy blanket.

I loved it when I got your reward cards on several occasions. It’s pretty and fancy looking. I love it more when I open my wallet to pay you, instead of parting with my dollars I just need to pass you the prepaid card. The best part is sometimes when I least expect it, you reward me with a Venti of anything. That gesture is much appreciated during the week before my paycheck.

I do have a bone to pick with you though. Some time ago, I asked you whether you had the pumpkin latte. And you laughed in my face! It hurt a little. I mean pumpkin’s widely available here, so I thought maybe you would have the damn drink as well. Ugh!

But that one defeat is not going to stop me! Next time we meet I will ask you to make me a custom made the drink, as elaborate as a triple Venti, sugar-free, nonfat, no foam, extra caramel, with a whip caramel macchiato. But don’t worry, I won’t disturb you with the request in the morning, I know how busy you get during that time.

I also have one wish, to get a “Have a beautiful day beautiful” or “No one rocks neon pants better than you” type of message written on my cup. I know I am no Taylor Swift and I heard it’s not a culture here in Singapore. Let’s make it a culture because it is only a little more effort on your side, but it will make all of us oh so happy. Who knows, some of us might even write a song for you, ala Miss Swift.

And before I go, I want you to hug and give you a big wet kiss for creatingPeach Blossom Tea Latte. You do agree there is no better hot beverage than it don’t you? It’s like pink love, double rainbows and everything awesome in a cup for a fiver.

Dear Starbucks, thank you for making this Singapore expat‘s workweek morning easier. I love you, you mermaid corporate giant!

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