We went for an MLM thing yesterday out of respect to the person who was hosting the so-called education seminar.

It was hilarious, the speaker claimed to be the top networker and received a trophy of appreciation for it, yet this lady didn’t even comb her messy hair during the ‘education seminar’. They said this product is good (because it’s helping the children to learn) compare house appliances or vitamins, but aren’t those items also good for the user or our health?

This product that they are selling, from a know-nothing nobody like me, looks amateur and the best part is you have to log in to a website to access this education program AND you can share your username and password with anyone, I’m thinking even if there is only one person who posts this user name and password online, therefore, the 300$ product accessible for the public doesn’t that mean the death of this ‘multimillion dollars’ company? But that is not the worst part, they actually told us not to bother about selling the product as long as we can recruit people under us who will work hard to sell the product or recruit people under them and that’s it, we can earn money easily.

So here is an idea, why don’t I open an MLM business with no product whatsoever I where I ask people to pay me $3k to join me and tell them I will pay them back their money and more if they can convince 4 or more people to each pay me the same amount of money to join in my no-product MLM business plan.

And lastly, this education seminar was closed with the famous sentence I have warned my cousins about “this may sound like an MLM but it’s not MLM”. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck.

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