I was in the middle of cleaning and organizing yesterday, in the attempt of not wasting my Sunday when I stumbled upon my postcards collection. I ended up spending a good hour rereading all the postcards I have been receiving for many years. Words from friends, strangers, and myself (I send myself future self postcard sometimes). It made me chuckle many times and warmed my heart. It’s a great reminder that I am truly blessed with amazing people in my Universe.

I always love the concept of sending and receiving postcards. It can be easily found everywhere, it’s cheap and only takes a couple of minutes to fill and mail. It’s a fun surprise for the receiver and a sweet moment for years later. Do you agree?

Inspired by the loving words I read from those postcards and in the spirit of the month of love, I want to start on a new project: World Culture Postcard Project. I briefly contemplated naming it “Put A Stamp On It“, but decided to make it more specific and inspirational, mainly about the world cultures. My goal is, by reading it, we are more encouraged to share and learn parts of our and other people’s cultures and the world through a short written note on the back of a postcard.

Do you send postcards? What is the most treasured postcard you have ever received? Who is it from? How about the latest postcard you received?

My most treasured is the series of postcards sent to my dad when my grandparents traveled all around America more than 30 years ago. Meanwhile, the latest postcard displayed in our fridge was sent by Frida all the way from South Africa.

If you want to get a postcard from me, from wherever I am, or exchange postcards, please let me know by email or in the comment section below. I hope it will increase our appreciation of the world’s cultures and maybe even the start of new borderless friendships. Let’s share some love through postcards, you guys!

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