Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One

I love gadgets, show me something that can make life more fun or easier, if I have enough savings to buy it, I might queue for 10 hours to get it. I have been meaning to change my iPhone for a while. Like fifteen minutes after I got it. And now, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 have been released. These two Asian mobile giants were coming out to get my attention and they did.

Last Sunday, I managed to lay my hand on both HTC and Samsung’s latest creating and almost bought one of them but with fickle-minded about which one. Ha, the first world pain!

Beauty – Samsung vs. HTC

I like how HTC looks like compared to the S4, although it’s a bit boyish, it looks classy. S4 looks cheap. Reminded me of what Swen said about buying S4, “I am not going to pay a fortune to buy a plastic”. I defended S4 before even looking at it, but last Sunday, it made me err… They could have done better with the casing at least.

Body – Samsung vs. HTC

I like a big screen and both of them come with it. I’m happy with both sizes too. I think we will get used to it. Like getting used to typing on touchscreen phones. And the weight? I couldn’t care less, the difference isn’t much and since ill will keep it with my already have with make-up and trinket bag, It won’t matter a bit.

I like that S4 comes with an exchangeable battery. I appreciate it, but, how important will it be? I have a spare USB cable I keep in the office to charge my current iPhone at work and I rarely have battery complain when I use my phone. As long as I don’t keep playing it (and I don’t because I have a life). And the SD card? It’s getting extinct with sync and cloud. Who needs to carry 16GB stuff all the time. How many pics of yourself do you need to store to text someone after a night of drinking?Brain – Samsung vs. HTCIf you read my above review, you know I favor HTC more, but here comes the tough part. I like S4 features. I like the sharing picture together ability, although I guess we can trick it soon. Also, Airwave is pretty awesome too.

If I am to choose between these three strengths, I always choose the brain, because you know, the brain is the sexiest part of something 😉 So I guess Samsung Galaxy 4 will be coming home with me soon.

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