Three Hypothetical Months Off

So, guys, Blogtember is happening at the moment.

When I first came across a similar thing, months ago, I wanted to do join also. Now that it’s here, I am not sure I can. Yet. Not between doing overtime in the office, exploring the pits, pieces of the city (for the last time), and flying home for the weekend. But yesterday’s question (or was it a few days ago?) intrigued me:

If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

I thought my answer would be to travel as most of the wanderlust’s out there. Heck, I have a three-day holiday coming in four months, and I have been bugging Fafa to book our plane ticket NOW, like right now Fa! But when I asked this question to myself during my morning coffee, sitting at a place opposite my office, dreading every minute that was coming close to nine o’clock, the answer wasn’t to see the world, it was to go home. If I could take three months off of my current life, I want to sit at home every day for three months in my PJs(maybe fit two or three days holidays with Fafa in between) but mostly just stay inside my purple room and watch the rerun of The Simpsons.

I would wake up late. Have a favorite childhood breakfast, do some blogging, and TV watching. Maybe there would be a plan to meet up with old friends or not. Maybe I would be watching a midday-midweek movie in the theater or go for a little shopping with my mom, even attend a gossipy family event. Or not. Maybe I would just take a nap and wake up just in time for tea. At my parents’ tea is served, sometimes with snacks, at 3 PM every day. There wouldn’t be the manager’s voice, there wouldn’t be the monthly deadline, there wouldn’t be an extra shot of coffee to fight lunch snooze. There would only be tea, sometimes with snacks, and more TV watching in the evening. Maybe the marathon of ALIAS. I could relieve my travel memories watching it (did Sydney Bristow have ever been to Hong Kong? Because hey, now I have been there too!) and then do some more blogging.

Blogging is something I do that makes me happy and I wish I have more time for, so yes, in that three virtual months, I would blog more and read your blogs and wish I had come up with some awesome posts that you wrote. All these would be done while secretly finishing my parents’ food stack, which was exactly what I did during something similar to summer break back in my college time. Which, at that time, I didn’t appreciate it. I wanted to do more, to be more, and mostly to travel (i had never been anywhere yet that time). Now, after more than five years of venturing and seeing a tiny fraction of the world, that is exactly what I wish to repeat if I can.

Maybe I should?

The world can wait. Greece can wait. I want to share a doughnut and a cup of ice chocolate with Amma and later blog about it.

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