Goodbye For Now Melbourne

I’m writing to you from Melbourne airport.

We are stranded here for hours before going back, which means taking another flight to Sydney first before going home to Singapore.

Just when I was going to write off Melbourne from my to move-and-live-for-a-few-years list, we went out earlier today and I got to see how it would feel to live there as a local.

We walked around the city center, from Swanson Street to Flinders street.

There were coffee shops, bottle shops, Asian supermarkets, pubs, more pubs, and Chinatown. I always thought that it’s my destiny to live near Chinatown.

Also, I am kinda in love with the Peri Peri sauce at Nando’s.

Also, $10 bookstore?! Yes please.

I even found my future apartment. 

I belong here, in Melbourne. All I need to do is just adjust to the cold weather. 

I had an awesome time with my friends, but like the end of most trips, I am always glad to go back to my pink bed.

Also, I miss Fafa!

Though it will be another week for me to see him, as he just started his Sydney trip today.

Anyways, that’s that.

It’s too early for me to think of what to else write since I had only like 3 hours to sleep. 

So I am going to finish my McDonald’s bubble gum squash ice cream, served by a very rude waitress who probably makes more money than I do.

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