Sydney Diary Day 3

I managed to score everything I need in the Sydney Opera House gift shop for my parents also for my friends, and of course something for myself: Sydney Opera House Pandora charm; also a bunch of postcards. For you. A new tradition that I’m implementing. Our Evening in Sydney was spent at Darling Harbor. We walked around it, hugging each other on this chilly day. The skyline was gorgeous and ended up at a mall with a food court and had dinner there. Indian for me and Japanese for them. Then we went home early since everyone was tired. The resisting cold was indeed a tiring job. We slept off for a while before waking ho feeling unsettled and unsatisfied.  So I and Jik went downstairs for the Thai food takeaway called Paperbox. We ordered fried rice and noodle (not pad thai because apparently, they didn’t have pad thai, just normal noodle). It was delicious. Thank God, I finally got a good here. I am a typical Asian who needs to eat rice to feel complete. I filled up a postcard and applied some lip balm on my chapped lips. Now I am ready to sleep.

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