Weekend Links June 2013

  • Feeling inspired by Kolbi’s Mood Board for a month of blogging, I want one of those. Also, he wrote about being a guy blogger, which is mind-opening. I only follow a handful of male bloggers for the sole reason that they don’t have enough pink on their blog, but for Kolbi, I am making an exception.
  • I love it when a blogger who has a perfect life shares about the imperfection of it perfectly while still being perfect.
  • I have the pleasure of reading Alexandra Franzen’s blog recently, and WOW!! Isn’t she so inspiring?!!! I love everything she writes. Her latest one was about creating a miracle instead of writing a blog post. Inspiration meter charged to 100%.
  • I loved the way Laura describe the blank page effect of it on her.
  • Facing a blogger’s brick? follow Erika’s When In Doubt, Be Helpful. Another way to fight writer’s block: write while standing.
  • How about some fashion inspiration? Apparently, Olivia Pope doesn’t wear that much white (I knew this before, but the skirt wearing = time-traveling part got my attention).
  • Leo Babauta wrote about turning inspiration into action. I just did number 1 in the beginning of this post.
  • You know, it’s one of my dreams to attend a Blog Academy class. I LOVE all three headmistresses! This time, Shauna shared a valuable lesson, Blog Manifesto, to define our blog and blogging further. Cool! I will try to come up with something this weekend.
  • A special shout out for Singapore bloggers (expat, local, just stopping by-ers) Join us for a MeetUp soon.

Do you feel at least gain a teeny tiny bit of inspiration? I hope so!

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