April 2013 Highlights

  • Attending the World Food Festival with other food enthusiasts and got to eat cuisine from all many countries including Indonesia.
  • I went back to Jakarta over the weekend and slept in my childhood bed in the purple room. It’s nice to know they haven’t turned it into a storage room yet, although I see many of Amma’s knicknacks there.
  • Coffee with Amma. Every time I go back, we allocate time girl time, just the two us. This can be coffee, shopping, or massage and whatever the activities are, there will be lots of love.
  • Smooth and safe flight rides. I’m a scared cat when it comes to flying. I’m a flight prayer and despite everything, my mind without fail will go haywire.
  • Gloomy weather. It has been raining every day lately and I’m thankful for that.
  • French language. Oh, it’s so sexy!
  • Completed weekly blog post challenge this month.
  • For you, my blog readers. I finally have actual readers other than Fafa and my friends who I forced to read my blog.
  • Moving from Blogger to WordPress. Finally. Phew!
  • Learning a few things about web designing.

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