Bali Coffee Diary: Revolver

At times, I like to sit in coffee shops and observe other people: what they are reading, what they are thinking, how they are feeling. Revolver Espresso is my favourite coffee shop in Bali to do just that. Located in a small lane in Seminyak (Gang 51, near the main road, Oberoi), Revolver is smaller than a 4-star hotel bedroom. Still, it’s super cozy and buzzing with coffecitivity (trying a new word here). It’s always filled with various types of people, and most of them were foreigners. 

This time, I went for the Affogato, and Fafa had a PiccoloBoth were nice, but it’s just not something that would make me miss it at 2 AM (that craving is reserved for Starbucks’s Toffee Nut latte). 

The only downside of this coffee shop is that it closes at 5 PM. So, if I want to spend a couple of good hours there, I need to cut down my afternoon napping time, which I don’t like to do because happy vacation = napping time.

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