Bali Coffee Diary: Anomali Coffee

When I told Fafa that I want to visit a coffee shop in Bali, he thought we would be going to a Starbucks there, as we do here. What? Why? Arghhh… 

After explaining that I want to try local coffee and promised him a cup here and there, he agreed to follow me around. Good, as it is a boyfriend’s job. We ended up exploring a few coffee shops, but Anomali Coffee still holds the cup of the best coffee I have tried in Bali. They boast their single origin and local coffee. We skipped our usual lattes and went for Papua (me) and Bali coffee (Fafa). I liked mine a lot; it was black, which I was not used to, but it was easy to drink. Fafa also loved his coffee, so much so that we came back the next day so he could try a thicker one from Aceh. This time I followed him because that’s a girlfriend’s job.

The place looks like a war warehouse; it’s enormous for a coffee shop, and they sell coffee beans, pastries, and fancy coffee equipment. Anomali also offers barista classes for USD 250, maybe something you might be interested in. If you are a coffee snob, like my boyfriend, tell the taxi driver to take you to Anomali stat; it’s located at Kayu Aya No. 7b Seminyak.

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