Northeast Taiwan Trip

It was a cold afternoon and started to drizzle when we started our tour to Taiwan’s Northeast part.

The first stop was Yin Yang Sea, also known as the Bay of Two Colors. Blending with the pacific ocean, it’s locally known as a breakup stop. The bay has a light brown and blue sea colour side by side. They said that the stream running through an abandoned gold mine has gradually brought trace amounts of gold into the bay hence the light brown colour. Cool. Along the bay, there were people fishing, in the cold winter rain.

We then stopped by a small fisherman temple, where they brought fresh catches as offerings.

A little uphill hike, near the now-abandoned mine we saw the famous Golden Waterfall. Same as the Yin Yang Sea before, this waterfall has golden coloured sand which sparkles in the sunlight. Must be a fantastic view to see, too bad the weather was gloomy when we were there.

Amma said, “What do they mean by gold? It is just brown” sunlight Ma we need sunlight.

We also saw a massive graveyard facing the pacific sea, which Feng Shui wise believed to be auspicious for the departed.

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