Why Taiwan?

I  recently realized that even though it has been some time since I started to travel, I have never taken Amma anywhere yet. You know just the two of us.

After hours and hours of effort to convince her, my plane-fearing-cost-calculating Amma agreed to go with me.

Somewhere, anywhere“, she gave in.

My second task was to choose the destination. I only considered taking her somewhere nearby, neighboring countries, like Vietnam; which was my first choice, but something happened and we had to cross off Vietnam from the list. So we booked the ticket to the second choice instead, Taiwan, the heart of Asia.

When I told a friend that we are going to Taiwan, she asked why Taiwan?

Well, why not?

It’s close by, it’s the place of bubble tea and natural beauty. We are going to Taipei and I have been familiarizing myself with it. I have got our visas approved, booked the hotel and tours, also I added some Taiwanese blogs into my feed. I think I got everything covered.

Two weeks to go, you guys!

This will be our first mother-daughter trip together to a foreign land. We both are super looking forward to it.

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