Christmas Sunday

I am back and aching to say Hello and give an update about my life this past week, which was.. boring, it contained two things, going to work at 8 AM and come home at midnight for the whole week. Things could get crazy in the Accounting world too, you guys. Crazy boring, that is. My brain is still adjusting to thinking about something else other than numbers (I kid you not, I woke up from a nightmare about fixed assets this morning) so I will take it easy this Christmas Sunday.

Sunday Reading

Sunday Writing

Christmas cards. I ordered my Christmas cards online because If I could, I would order everything online in my PJs and not go to the shopping mall at all. Ever. Unfortunately, it came a week later. Which throws my carefully-calculated-and-planned-days-to-write-and-send-the-cards out of the window. Today I am going to write the Christmas cards so I can send them all by lunch tomorrow. Crossing my finger it will reach my friends before Christmas day.

Sunday Listening

The pouring rain outside my window. It’s so romantic. I can sit here all day listening to it.

Sunday Watching

I am going to watch SCANDAL after this. And OMG can’t wait. I mean, WHAT? Her dad isn’t the… And she killed her… Okay, must stop. I don’t want to give a spoiler alert. Not when it’s SCANDAL. Can I at least “spoiler alert” my favorite character? It’sLiv, Fiz, Cyrus, no, it’s Nelly. Nelly is the bomb in the white house. (I hope the last sentence didn’t raise any internet police flag if it does, guys I didn’t mean literally, go watch the show, you will know and appreciate what I have been blabbering about).

Sunday Thinking

Nothing really. The brain is trying to rest.

Sunday Smelling

Green apple from the flavored face mask I applied generously on my face, hoping it will somewhat make my face complexion closer to Katy Perry’s. Also the lingering vanilla smell in the bedroom from the aromatherapy oil I burned before I slept last night.

Sunday Wishing

I wish to get an all-expense paid travel deal for a year, and that it starts on January 1, 2014. Or for my year-end holiday to start now. Or for Starbucks to send a hot Toffee Nut Latte with whipped cream and less sugar to my house. They are in every corner anyway, so why not do home delivery as well?

Sunday Hoping

The day lasts longer. Much longer and so does the rain.

Sunday Wearing

Purple Cotton OnPJs that says MEOW. Have you checked out Cotton On PJs? They are okay and affordable. I used to adore La Senza’s but they are too expensive for a PJ. Do you have a favorite brand? Share it with me.

Sunday Loving

Alone time. Holiday spirit. Happy people. Thick hair. Good books. Funny blogs. 

Sunday Wanting

For some of my postponed errands to magically get done, including laundry and figuring out how to back up my data.

Sunday Needing

A winter coat. I don’t have one and I need to get one for next year’s trip. I will have to wait until I get December. That’s okay.

Sunday Feeling

Coffee deprived. Even though I just woke up from extra hours of sleep, I am still not feeling the off day yet. Something is missing. Something with the Starbucks logo on it.

Sunday Clicking

I don’t get this question. I am clicking the keyboard to type this sentence. Adfasdjsfsdj –> this is what I clicked a second ago. Other than that I am tapping my phone, texting best friends about Christmas dinner plan.

I am staying in and with unfolded laundry in one corner and a mess of magazines on the other corner.

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