Plane Prayer

I am a plane prayer.

Plane prayer: “Someone who exclusively prays on the plane right before taking off, while risking the person who sits beside them feels uncomfortable“. Well, not exclusively a plane prayer, but I practically speed-dialed God whenever I am flying somewhere. I will also frantically text my parents and Fafa that I love them. You know, just in case.I always pray on the plane; before taking off, when they serve the inline dining and after the plane lands safely on the ground. Always. Except for that one time, when I was super heartbroken and couldn’t care less if the plane crash and I die. It was a stupid and wrong thing to think. But sometimes, especially when your heart has just been broken into millions of pieces, you can’t think straight, you can’t think in the long terms, oh well, you can’t think at all!Now, a few years from that damned day, I can only be grateful that someone else’s prayer saved all of us that day.

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