Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Harajuku, though fascinating for most, has never been my scene. The first time I visited Harajuku was during my first Japan trip. I went with my two best friends, mainly because one of them really wanted to visit it.

Stepping inside Harajuku feels like stepping inside another Japan. A theme park, inside a theme park, inside the ultimate theme park which is Japan. Japan is layered like that.

Though I am not a fan, and as overwhelming as it, Harajuku has many things to offer. From the high-end sneakers, rainbow toasties, unusual fashion styles, Luke Lobsters, the best ramen shop in Tokyo,  hedgehog cafe, and other things.

Update: Funnily enough, to I claim I am not into it, I have been to Harajuku every time I visit Japan. I went back the second time to find a funky cafe, which I failed to do so. The third time was to introduce Fafa to Harajuku. I got myself a super cool jeans jacket from it on my fourth Japan visit. And the last two times, we had the same reason to visit Harajuku, it’s where Fafa hunted for his limited-edition-cheaper-in-Japan sneakers.

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