Narita seems quite ordinary compared to everything that I have heard about Japan, don’t you agree? The first thing to do after they officially let you into Japan is to collect your JR Pass*.

let’s take JR to the city so you can keep your luggage and start exploring.

Japan Rail Pass is a train pass that you can pre-order online (highly recommend it). On the day you arrive, collect it at Narita. JR Pass allows you to take unlimited JR train rides everywhere, even between cities. Trust me, it’s worth buying, especially if you are planning to visit other cities in Japan, which is covered in the next itinerary, where, we will no longer be in Tokyo. If you have more plans to do in Tokyo, do it today or extend your days as pleased, otherwise, check out the next leg of the Japan itinerary.

Dragging our kitchen sink luggage at Tokyo train stations during be the busy period was not a pleasant experience. Yin yelled a small victory once we reached the right platform *long sigh* We took Shinkansen, the legendary Japanese bullet train, booked our seat a day earlier and didn’t need to pay anything since it’s covered by our JR Pass. The train ride was smooth with a lovely view. I have taken train rides since I was young and I have always enjoyed it.

The train ride is fun! It’s definitely one of the things I love most about Japan. Japan has top-notch trains (and unique ones), they are clean, fast, and on schedule. I loved the view from it and got excited whenever the lady with a food cart passed by our cart. Three hours and several rice cakes later we reached.

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