I came to the Dandiya party with a little knowledge from some songs I used to listen to many years back. The party was held in a hall of a beach resort at night time. I forgot when was the last time I have been in a place that has so much happy vibes. It’s even more joyous than the graduation day at my Uni!

They played some nice music, colorfully dressed people were dancing in big and small circles. Everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves. It might look like some sort of happy cult for someone who is a stranger to Indian culture (if there is any, given how Indians and their music can be found anywhere, including Montmartre).

The three of us joined the crowd and I was the only person who stood still awkwardly in the crowd instead of dancing to the beat.

I regretted dropping off from my Bollywood dancing class, that shimmy move seems to be useful at that moment. They said people who are bad at dancing have two left feet. I sometimes feel like I am dancing with two left hands. While “dancing” in the circle, I managed to beat my neighbor with the Dandiya stick. Twice. Oops! After that, I saw some of them managed to create smaller inner circles and nobody wanted to create an inner circle with us so we left for dinner.

The food was vegetarian north Indian style and it was really good. I had Pav bhaji and panipuri for the first time.Pav bhaji is a bread eaten with thick curry with small chopped potatoes in it and panipuri is more like snack food, it is a mini size deep-fried flour with a hole on top of it, the inside part filled with sugar and spices and everything nice. You have to put one in your mouth and bite it. It was so yummy *drool*.

There was also a bazaar being held outside and I was instantly attracted to a colored glass skirt. Show me something colorful and shiny and I have the need to touch it. After contemplating a few times, I told my friend and she asked back where could I go wearing that skirt; that question brought me back to the reality of black and the gray corporate world and more importantly my no buying anything for a month pact. Oh well, if I  keep thinking about it after this month, I am sure I can find a similar one in Little India.

We went back inside, hoping there were new crowds who would let us be a part of their dancing circle and once we were in a big one these two traitors friends of mine did the ultimate betrayal., they left me ALONE in the middle of the dance. I swayed for some time before I realized that they were gone and I slowly walk out of the circle as if someone was calling me, They were laughing and they told me my facial expression was priceless *#$&%!! –> Ninni if you are reading I am talking about you!! The rest night was fun, we ate some more, shared office gossip, and went home by 1 AM.

I am ready for my next Dandiya ladies!

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