My First Beer Was to Impress A Girl

It all started during Organizational Behavior class when I complained to the person on the seat next to me about having a hard time finding a study lamp (I was Nerdy McNerdy back then) when the girl in front of me turned and offered me her ex-roommate’s IKEA lamp.

It’s green”, she warned me. The next class, she really brought the lamp, in highlighter green color.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and she invited me out for drinks. I said yes, not fully knowing what I was getting myself into. On the day, I was ready by 6PM with my faded Goth getup (and way too white concealer) waiting for her call. She called two hours later and asked me to meet up by 10PM. I got my first party girls lesson: almost midnight is when the happening people go out.

We met up at Wala Wala. Her choice, obviously. The place was already crowded, especially the second floor, there were no empty table, so we shared the table with others. She ordered her beer like a pro and asked me what I want. I told her I don’t know and that I have never drank beer before, waiting for her to give me the judging look or even worse, what if she regretted asking a beer virgin to hang out. She didn’t, instead  she ordered the same for me and told me I would love it.

The beer came and I remembered having a second, third and fourth thoughts about it. She said cheers and there I was in the must-drink-the beer-must-impress-new-friend pressure. I sipped it and thought “Well, it’s not so bad, I could finish half of the glass before we go home”.

The band playing that night was amazing. My friend had a crush on the guitarist while I was amazed by the lady singer’s husky voice. She told us to befriend the strangers next to us and add each other on Facebook. I didn’t have Facebook back then, but made a mental note to create an account later. We requested some songs and danced some moves.

8 empty pints later, we went home. Drunk. Didn’t remember how I reached my room and woke up sleeping fully clothed and still on high heels. When I finally managed to drag myself into the bathroom, sat in the shower to cleanse the awful beer smell off of my skin and downed a complete set of chicken rice, I texted my friend, to check how’s she doing.

She invited me for a meal before the class on the next day. “How about sushi lunch?” she asked. Got myself a new BFF that day. Also, I created a Facebook account.

We have been to Wala Wala countless of times after that. I  have brought family, friends, Including the guys I dated and adjusted my likeness based on how they liked the place. Even though I am no longer a regular patron there, the amount of laughters and good times we had could fill an era. And I have Fia, the green Ikea lamp girl, to thank for that.

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