Magical Venice

My cousin and I reached Venice this morning, a city that is gorgeous beyond words.

After getting help to lift the kitchen sink luggage onto the canal-side hotel, we checked in to the Pesaro Palace. Stepping inside the hotel room felt like stepping inside a palace indeed. A Venice palace, if I may.

We then roamed around the city.

We stopped to watch the Opera in a small theatre where I was served my first ever Belize-and then the second and the third).

We walked around the thousands of canals and took thousands of pictures. We tried on masks and almost bought beautiful the Murano glass.

We sat on the semi flooded Marcopolo piazza. We went inside St Maria cathedral where I got misty-eyed. Such a sacred place.

In the evening we rode the gondola and had seafood dinner and copious amount of wine in a small restaurant by the canal.

Venice, in a word, has been magical.

We will spend another day here before leaving to the historical Rome.

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